Friday, 27 February 2009

"Don't Dispose of That Handy Shower Cap!"

Generally today has been pretty average. I have mainly been suprised at how sunny it is, how mild the weather has become, and how I managed to apply make up on the number 52 using my ipod as a mirror. Not too bad.
Thoughts today include more concern over the worldwide diary. Having trouble with my creativity - need to find some inspiration! So far this week has not been totally inspiring - but I am looking forward to a weekend of inspiration in the form of dancing and eating barbeque in Brick Lane. Thoughts for the journal so far come down to whatever gets written in it - but really I think deep down I would prefer recipes/ideas - perhaps a bit like that part in Take A Break magazine where people send in tips like
"Do Not Dispose Of That Shower Cap - Turn It Into a Handy Flower Pot!"
would be how it turned out.
Now the hunt for the diary begins...

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